Maria (funkylikeadunky) wrote in top_50_tunes,

I'm New...

And here's my list!

1 Dave Brubeck--Take Five
2 Bush--Everything Zen
3 Jack Johnson--Fall Line
4 Karen Carpenter--What the World Needs now
5 Eminem--White America
6 Joni Mitchell--Blue
7 Sonic Youth--Bubblegum
8 Led Zepplin Communication breakdown
9 CSNY--Woodstock
10 Hot Hot Heat--Bandages

11 Eminem--Say Goodbye to Hollywood
12 Green Day--Warning
13 Crazy Town--Butterfly
14 The Offspring-- HIt That
15 T.A.T.u--Stars
16 Run DMC--King of Rock
17 Me First and the Gimme Gimmes--PUff the Magic Dragon
18 The Righteous Brothers--Unchiained Melody
19 Leonard Cohen--The Future
20 The Vandals--Oi to the World
21 Neko Case--Ghost Writing
22 The Presidents--Some POstman
23 Ian McCullen--Hey That's NO Way to say Good bye
24 AFI--99 Red Balloons
25 Le Tigre--Hot Topic
26 Aqua--I'm a Barbie Girl
27 Len--Steal My Sunshine
28 Louis Armstrong--Amazing Grace
29 Metallica--Fuel
30 The Beatles--Happy Birthday
31 The Hives--Two-timing touch and broken bones
32 The Beatles--Penny Lane
33 Liam Lynch--My United States of Whatever
34 Pink--I'm coming out
35 Jefferson AIrplane--Kung Fu Fighting
36 Spiderman--They Might Be Giants
37 Soundgarden--Spoon Man
38 Red Hot Chili Peppers--Californication
39 Le Tigre--Bedroom Dancing
40 the beatles--Come Together
41 Collective Soul--Untitled
42 green Day--St. Jimmy
43 Franz Ferdinand--COme on Home
44 Ben Folds--Landed
45 The Replacements--Hanging Dowtown
46 Blink-182--Violence
47 The Faint--Drop Kick the Punks
48 The White Stripes--Aluminum
49 The Bravery--Honest Mistake
50 Da Doo Ron Ron--The Donnas

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