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love led us here - muppet treasure island soundtrack
underwater - deathcab for cutie
i was so alone - the rocket summer
embraceable you - ella fitzgerald
i'd be a yellow feathered loon - of montreal
don't forget to breathe - beulah
i miss you - blink-182
movie stars and super models - the rocket summer
dulcinea - man la mancha soundtrack
what do you want of me - man la mancha soundtrack

to each his dulcinea - man la mancha soundtrack
i am human - the smiths
do the whirlwind - architecture in helsinki
professional pirate - muppet treasure island sountrack
super sick wit it (with turk talk and e-40) - mistah fab
reach for tomorrow - ella fitzgerald
mercy, mercy, mercy, buddy rich
feeling this - blink-182
gravity is bringing us down - beulah
the gospel truth II - hercules soundtrack
part of your world - little mermaid soundtrack
yes sit (ft. mistah fab) - the pack
earth angel - buddy holly
gasolina - daddy yankee
angel eyes - ella fitzgerald
orange colored sky - natalie cole
i'll never smile again - tommy dorsey
i'm only thinking of him - man of la mancha soundtrack
all is full of love - deathcab for cutie
body and soul - benny goodman ft. artie shaw
that's all - michael buble
dumb in my backpack (ft. mistah fab) - head bustaz
september song - ella fitzgerald
you have my attention - copeland
shiver my timbers - muppet treasure island soundtrack
it's all the same - man of la mancha soundtrack
highland cathedral - celtic bagpipes
photobooth - deathcab for cutie
what a difference a day makes - billie holiday
supermodel - the presidents of the united states of america
whaen i fall in love - nat king cole and marilyn monroe
speak easy - maria taylor
popular mechanics for lovers - beulah
she will be loved - maroon 5
st. thomas - sonny rollins
crawling towards the sun - the hush sound
pancakes for one - of montreal
one mint julep - ernestine anderson
the man i love - lena horn

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